Grey Cup 2018

Grey Cup 2018 is the largest Canadian football league final match. Sale of tickets has just started and already thousands of the tickets are already sold. Fans will be coming to watch the event from Canada and other parts of the world. Edmonton has hosted the event before, and it was about eight years. Although thousands of tickets were already sold, thousands are still available. Tickets go for different prices, which is $99 to more than three hundred and twenty five dollars and so on.

Grey Cup 2018 will take place in November 21 and it will be concluded on Sunday, 25 November. Usually the CFL competition is televised live for fans across the world.Many people will be prepared to watch it online through different channels. Cable television will show the game live to all their subscribers not only in the country but also in other parts of the world.

Paid subscribers can watch the game through paid per view basis. Lot of sports channels will air the match live and this means that you can subscribe to any of the premium channels across the internet. These channels are paid per view such as direct television, ESPN, and several other online channels.

Apart from the paid options, there are free options available for CFL fans who want to watch the event free. It is always better to subscribe and watch it free, but where they have option to watch it live free, they can choose such option. Some social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube channels have options for people who want to watch the festival free. You have to compare various channels and choose those that present the festival for you. It is always better to watch it through paid television stations and online channels.

Grey Cup 2018 TV Rights

Grey Cup 2018 is to hold in the last quarters of 2018 and it is to be held in Edmonton. The global television right for the event is under ESPN plus. This is a direct and global  service and the headquarters is under the control of the Walt Disney Company. It is a Direct to Consumer and International segment presents global sport event. The company holds the television right for CFL and this year’s Grey Cup broadcast is under their control. This means that international channels that want to beam the competition live to their home audience must have a pack with the company before that can become possible. The company offers fans the opportunity to watch such a global event. Any kind of international live events the company is disposed to telecast it live to their audience.

Currently, television shows different events for fans to all parts of the world such as MLS, NHL as well BL game. Others include PGA, Top rank boxing, as well as grand slam tennis and several others. The ESPN app makes it possible for international and local fans to become part of the event. The app is highly innovative and fans will get everything they want by using that platform.